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Bacci, a Bengal cat, is the main character of the children’s book series written by Jamie Karia. Bacci is wise, adventurous and curious, the perfect guide for children to learn life techniques promoting positive mental health.

This book provides the tools children need to develop skills to cope with their developing emotions and fears. They can use these lessons to emotionally self soothe, either alone or in social settings when they feel anxious.

Bacci takes children through daily routines such as manners and personal hygiene. Most importantly, Bacci encourages kids to develop skills to stabilize and ground themselves. Bacci helps them to identify their feelings in a safe way by asking simple questions. Children learn how to practice empathy, language, self-acceptance and awareness. Bacci also teaches children about environmental awareness.

Bacci structures a safety plan to incorporate mindfulness techniques such as breathing and counting by teaching the language necessary to express the negative and positive emotions we all feel.

Special Edition: 
Style: Medium Concave
Sizes: 7.5"-8.58

This deck is made with over 20 years of experience for quality that can't be beat.

This custom skateboard is one of a kind. This medium concave is great for any style of skateboarding. With 7 ply hard rock Maple from Canada you can't go wrong. The quality of the decks we make here stand out with long lasting skateboards that keep you going. The shapes we use to cut boards for you are tested as the most popular dimensions and curvature. With all the design work we have put into your custom printed graphics we take special attention to each and every order passed through our facility.