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Prevention Lifeline

 SPECIAL EDITIONDon’t be afraid to let your emotions out, and please remember that you are never alone. Many of us face the same struggles. We chose who is the backbone of the National Suicide Life Line as our partnering foundation, because we feel strongly about their incredible work helping those in crisis. We are all connected. All profits from this collection go to except $1 which goes to Books for Kids .  

Left Leg
  • I learned this in therapy
  • National Suicide Lifeline logo
Right Leg
  •  I am lovable 
  •  I can trust people
  •  how to cope with my feelings
  •  how to make friends
  •  to accept how I look and am
  •  believe in myself
  •  love myself and others
  •  how to ask for help
  •  resolve conflicts appropriately 
  •  advocate for myself
  •  improve family dynamics
  •  use my safety plan
  •  manage stress
  •  reduce anxiety
  •  reduce depression
  •  meditate
  •  identify triggers
  •  distress tolerance 
  •  reduce fears 
  •  grounding skills