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Why choose J'aime's
empowering sexy Leggings?

100% Handmade

All our leggings are handmade with
100% organic love.

Choose From
676 Legging Designs

Take your time
browsing the
plethora of designs.

Best Quality

Winner of 2020 best leggings featured in the Best of Westchester Magazine edition.

Always Stylish

Feel inspired in our high and low waisted
leggings and capris while giving back.

676 designer leggings

Partake in an adventure by joining our community.

Style & Wellness

Wellness Blogs

We are excited to share and connect!
Please take your time reading our wellness blogs to get more tips and information about different lifestyle topics
. We will be exploring a lot more topics in the months to come.
Check for weekly updates.

Free Meditation

Keep your eyes open or closed
while following the beat and words
in this fun guided meditation by CEO, Jamie Karia, LCSW. Realign and destress by taking a free vacation.
Escape from your worries and participate in this 15 minute
mindfulness guided meditation.
Keep checking for the latest episodes on our website.

Free Style Consult

Chat with us!
Start your metamorphosis by scheduling a free 20 minute style consultation with one of your Stylists Gems.
Due to high demand
there is a wait time
so please be
patient with scheduling.  

Elephant lovers unite!

Shop our Ellie Leggings

Elephant lovers unite! 
J’aime is introducing a revolutionary new way
to support your favorite endangered species.
As you likely already know, these majestic creatures are in peril and desperately
need our help. 
Since leggings have become everyone’s go-to for everyday wear, we thought,
“What better way to help ellies than by selling ellie leggings?!” And here we are.

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