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Luxury Vacations


Congratulations It's Vacation Time! 
After your last great vacation we're sure you've been waiting for this day to arrive, when you are planning and/or packing for your next fabulous vacation.  J'aime knows that everyone has different budgets for trips.  That is okay, not everyone has the same finances.  There are many great ways to still have tons of fun on a low budget. 

Taking time to do things you enjoy doing can be a vacation as well.  If you enjoy painting your nails, cooking, reading, watching tv, fashion, singing, dancing, sports, broadway plays, yoga, meditation, sleeping, writing, working out, gardening, drawing, sculpting, learning something new, dinning or spending time with loved ones or pets; these are all things that can feel like a mini daily vacation.  

Maybe it's time to take that road trip you always wanted to take.  Even better yet why not fly to Paris or go on that adventurous African Safari, snowboard or ski down peaks of mountains, sip yummy hot coco by the fire place, read a book by the beach, pamper yourself on your next vacation can be a great way for self-care and self-love.  Too often we forget to take time to truly enjoy life.  Society has made it challenging for us to take time and have fun living.  To schedule a little rest and relaxation time, a little you time, is sometimes what is needed for our overall wellness and happiness.

Not to worry, If you're not able to book that flight just yet there are other ways of self-care, taking time for yourself and enjoying life the way and how you want to live it.  Everyday start with positive morning affirmations and doing something that brings you joy.  Although not everyones schedule can allow for a lot of self-care time, please time at least five minutes a day to do something you enjoy.  

If you are taking a luxury vacation great for you! Taking a private jet flight to Lake Como Italy, staying in one of Florence luxury hotels, taking part of an adventure vacation, J'aime has many vacation gift options for him or her.  Your vip travel will be filled with lots of memories as there are probably a lot of great things you have planned for your exclusive luxury vacation.  As there are so many luxury resorts to choose from, some individuals enjoy taking their luxury motorhomes and drive it to an exotic location for a luxury family vacation.  While others are planning their honeymoon vacations, J'aime has a design for any personality.  So please browse through our collections to find what design and latest fashion would look great for your upcoming trip.