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Our Stylist Gems take their time talking to you about the products on our site and what designs work with your beautiful style.

Our philosophy

Talk to us about your needs.
Please share with us if you are looking to change up your style to be a bit bolder or strut out of your comfort zone. No worries we are not here to judge you, so please feel comfortable to be as transparent as you would like to be.  

Fashion Consulting | J’aime

Don't kid yourself; style is important. Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that is often not enough to land you that job, or impress your date. Moreover, in an age in which the average person seems to be infinitely busier and more stressed than in previous years, taking time out for self-care is essential. That's where we come in. We have assembled a team of fashion professionals who will go above and beyond to help you create your own signature look. While there are plenty of potential methods for implementing self-care, one of the best and most popular is upgrading your current style and appearance.

Sure, this may sound like an easy feat. However, those who are stuck in a fashion rut should always seek the help of a professional, as those who attempt to go it alone often quickly discover it is no easy feat. A seasoned stylist not only knows what is trendy, but they will know things such as how to dress for your body type, which color scheme looks best with your complexion, and much more. Rather than attempting to go it alone, working with our team of fashion professionals is a quick and easy way to find your own personal style, and become a fashion icon in your own right. With that in mind, here is an overview of our fashion consulting services.  

How it Works

Now, you may be wondering how you will be able to have a consultation, especially in the that you do not live in our immediate area. However, we have designed our consultation process to be simple and easy, to make sure that you can get the help that you need.

20 Minute Consultation

The process begins with a 20-minute consultation. These consultations are held via video chat to accommodate customers from all areas. During this consultation, our professional stylists ask questions, take notes, and provide each client with valuable feedback that will help them begin transforming their style immediately. This allows each client the freedom to be able to fully disclose what their fashion needs and goals are. From there, we will offer feedback based on our assessment of your present personal style and where you see yourself in the future. We will recommend everything from general types of clothing and accessories to color schemes and specific pieces from our store that can be purchased immediately.

This totally free 20-minute consultation is designed to:

  • Uncover your current fashion issues
  • Address any fashion-related concerns
  • Change your attitude about style
  • Help you move forward with new confidence
  • Help you become a more fabulous version of yourself

Also, our fashion team is filled with caring, compassionate people who are non-judgmental and truly cater to the unique styling needs of each and every customer. Due to the negative impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the world, we are so happy to be able to offer these services, free of charge, to our massive client base worldwide. We love to have the chance to get to know our clients on a more personal level and truly hope that we can help make an impact on their lives moving forward.

However, also be advised that due to high demand, our calendar fills up quickly. So, those who are planning on seeking out our services to get prepared for an important event should always book us well in advance. Yes, we love all of our clients, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to pencil you in at the last minute.

Time For A Change

Feel fabulous

Ready to Get Stylish?

There's no need to wait; contact us today! This free service could be just what you need to give you newfound confidence and become the fashion icon you were born to be. Contact us via live chat or email, and we will always get back to you in a timely fashion. Schedule your consultation, and prepare to become a more fabulous version of yourself.

20 Minute Live Video Style Consultation

Due to high demand please be patient.
Our calendar is booking up quickly, so please don't hesitate to schedule by chatting with us down below.
We are excited to include this service as our way of giving back to our fabulous community that we love and are grateful to have. We are looking forward to getting to know you better and can't wait to chat with you about your style. Send us a message in the chat. Please leave your email if one of our live agents are unavailable to speak and we will get back to you about scheduling your video style session with one of or Stylist Gems.

Join our community of people
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Please take your time reading our wellness blogs to get more tips and information about different lifestyle topics
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Free Style Consult

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Start your metamorphosis by scheduling a free 20 minute style consultation with one of your Stylists Gems.
Due to high demand
there is a wait time
so please be
patient with scheduling.  

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