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Elephant lovers unite! J’aime is introducing a revolutionary new way to support your favorite endangered species. As you likely already know, these majestic creatures are in peril and desperately need our help. Since leggings have become everyone’s go-to for everyday wear, we thought, “What better way to help ellies than by selling ellie leggings?!” And here we are.

Our three-panel, high-waisted yoga leggings are made from performance knit fabric. They hug your body in all the right places and offer a compression fit, showing off your best assets. Our low-waisted leggings are comprised of an eco-friendly poly-fiber that requires significantly less energy and water during manufacturing compared to traditional polyester. We also have leggings for babies and kids!


The best part about this project is that nearly all profits from their sales will go to a charity we firmly believe in: Wildlife Conservation Network. These guys are doing amazing things for the non-human earthlings that inhabit this beautiful Earth – especially for ellies!

We are also donating $1 from every purchase to another worthwhile cause, called Books for Kids. We’re doing this because we believe that reading enables children to learn so much about our world and may ultimately inspire them to stand for an important cause like conservation.


While poaching remains the biggest threat to these animals, ongoing habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict are also causing their numbers to plummet. Both African and Asian elephants are greatly affected by these three issues. In fact, only about 400,000 remain in the wild in Africa, and only some 40,000-50,000 are left in Asian forests. The time to act on their behalf is now!

Our leggings were created with pachyderms in mind and heart. Each of our stunning designs features the photography or artwork of a fellow elephant fan. From the fabrics we use to the printing and sewing, all of our leggings operations are carried out right here, in Canada.

J’aime CEO, Jamie Karia, came up with the idea for our elephant leggings while on a family trip with her little brother. When they were fortunate enough to see these giants up close and in person, it was a breathtaking experience they’ll never forget. In the midst of it all, with her excited sibling by her side, Jamie managed to snap a few stunning images of these enchanting beasts. One of her best is now featured on our Elephant Patience leggings, along with a beautiful and inspiring message. These sacred words reflect the spiritual symbolism behind these animals, such as protection, wisdom, good fortune, prosperity, and vitality.

What experts are saying

Experts say some 100 elephants are brutally murdered for their ivory tusks every single day. That’s 700 a week, 3,000 per month, and 36,500 each year! The ivory is intricately carved into various objects that symbolize one’s social status in Asian cultures. Others are killed when their lives overlap with those of humans, usually because of their ability to destroy agriculture, but also because they are feared. And as their habitat becomes smaller and more disjointed, their migration paths are interrupted, restricting their access to food, water, breeding, and more.

Enough is enough! If we don’t do something for these animals now, they may not be here for our children and grandchildren to see. Now, it’s as easy as buying a stylish pair of leggings that are sure to fetch you many compliments. Each question or compliment you receive about your new wardrobe selection is an opportunity to raise awareness for the planet’s largest land mammal. And we encourage you to seize it!

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