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Diwali Gifts

Happy Diwali gift to send to your loved one.
Diwali is a special time of the year!
For all of you that do not know a lot about this fabulous colorful festival of lights, it is connected with Lakshmi, the great goddess of prosperity, that can last more than five days.  The festival takes place October to November.  This is a blessed holiday widely celebrated in Hinduism, symbolic with light overcoming darkness and good winning evil, and emphasizing the greatness of knowledge.  During this spectacular holiday you might see a lot of fun and chic home decoration, shopping, fireworks, being part of a feast, eating lots of sweets, hearing and saying inspiring pujay prayers, dancing, singing, laughter and gift giving.  J'aime has chosen Ganesha, god of beginnings and known to remove obstacles, to be featured on some of our products.  Ganesha the supporter of arts, sciences, wisdom and intellect, is praised during the beginning of many celebratory observations.    
J'aime sells unique gifts for Diwali and many other occasions.