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The Athflow Trend 101

It’s time to look your best while being comfortable. Athflow is a growing trend that is all about being dressed up while embracing comfort at the same time.

The athleisure wear trend is here to stay because it allows you to enjoy all of your favorite athletic gear while looking a bit more polished. It can be worn anywhere and at any time. If you want to look professional at work while embracing a flow style, J’aime is here to help you with stylish apparel.

Our flow lounge allows you to be ready for any occasion – a trip to the store, a weekender vacay with the girls, or even a hot date. You’ll look chic and feel relaxed.

Why is the Athflow Trend So Trendy?

Loungewear is what we typically wear when we’re home alone, binging our favorite show with a pint of ice cream in our hands. We wear it because we love it. And if we have to throw our hair in a bun to head to the store for something, so be it.

We hope and we pray that we don’t run into anyone we know when we’re in our sweats or our nap dresses.

With the athflow trend, we can have those cozy, comfy clothes without feeling embarrassed when we’re caught in public. It’s all about a cultural shift that has led to better fabric choices and a billowing flow style where we look amazing no matter what.

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At J’aime, we want you to look and feel your best. Forget about wearing sweats to the office or being seen in a baggy romper. We want you to embrace your personality in posh clothing that is comfortable to wear from sunrise to sunset.

Whether you want to throw on a pair of yoga pants as you’re headed out the door or add a splash of color with a draped kimono, we have the options you’ll want within your wardrobe.

We know it’s important for you to have fashionable items for every occasion. By embracing the athflow trend, you can be ready for it all. We’ve got wrap dresses and wrap skirts, cardigans, hoodie dresses, and so much more.

Our soft materials will ensure you’re comfortable while our luxury prints will see to it that you can step out with confidence.

Comfort has been redefined with the athleisure wear trend. You don’t have to choose between the comfy clothes you love while chilling on the couch and the swanky clothes you wear out on the town. Our flow style combines the two – and with our vast collection of designs, you’re sure to find all that you need to fill your closet with clothes that will fit your lifestyle.

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