J'aime's mission is not only about giving back, it is also about love, self-love and self-care and with that comes self-confidence.  Wellness and health is a great start to loving yourself and treating yourself with kindness.  Love comes from within and there is no better way of showing that then actually doing the work that it takes to start to love yourself from the inside out.  J'aime has created a weight loss inspired collection called Metamorphosis Wellness & Freedom [MWF] where the fashionable designs can promote and act as a reminder to challenge those negative thoughts about yourself and help promote weight loss, self-love, wellness and freedom. 

J'aime believes in transformation and the process of metamorphosis.  Jamie Karia, CEO, personally and professionally resinates with the process a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.      

J'aime has created a weight-loss inspired collection that is called Metamorphosis Wellness & Freedom