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December 21, 2019 2 min read

J'aime has partnered with Profile Sanford Scarsdale to promote wellness, health, weight loss, stress-management and much more
J'aime has partnered with Profile Sanford in Scarsdale.  
Wellness, health and fighting obesity is a cause J'aime aims to support.  We are very honored that Profile Sanford Scarsdale has chosen J'aime to be featured in their Scarsdale location.  Jamie Karia, CEO of J'aime, had the pleasure of meeting with the CEO of Profile Sanford Scarsdale, Dennis Martorano.  The inspiring conversation and demonstrations highlighted how Profile helps to promote stress-management, health coaching, achieving weight loss goals, teaching portion control, connecting members to the right fitness activity and ultimately supporting people through the process of living their best life.  As the conversation continued between Jamie and Dennis, Jamie expressed that J'aime believes in transformation and the process of metamorphosis.  Jamie personally and professionally resinates with the process a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly.      
J'aime's mission is not only about giving back, it is also about love, self-love and self-care and with that comes self-confidence.  Wellness and health is a great start to loving yourself and treating yourself with kindness.  Love comes from within and there is no better way of showing that then actually doing the work that it takes to start to love yourself from the inside out.  J'aime has created a weight loss collection where the fashionable designs can promote and act as a reminder to challenge those negative thoughts about yourself and help promote weight loss, wellness and self-love.
During the conversation Dennis explained how Profile has already helped so many people achieve their goals and is focusing on creating a community of health and happiness.  They have teen-programs, the latest weight loss technology, groups, workshops and the list goes on.  Profile Sanford Scarsdale has members that include celebrities and many individuals of all ages all throughout Westchester.  
Please check out our latest fashion and designs if you are in Westchester or in the nearby area.  While you are there you can learn more about our partnership. 
J'aime partnered with Profile Sanford Scarsdale to support wellness, health, weight loss , and achieving your health goals.