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December 09, 2019 2 min read

Unique gifts for special occasions such as Valentines day, Mother's Day, Birthday, Diwali, Anniversaries

J'aime is excited to say Our Gifts Give Back!

Picking out gifts can be challenging at times.  That is why J'aime has decided to launch their NYC flagship store soon.  We are taking our online clothing shopping  and bringing you J'aime's latest fashion in person. We are hoping to create a chic, fun and interactive experience for everyone that steps into our space.  Our stylists will work with you and take you through the variety of our men and women's clothing.  

You will be able to view our fashion bags, yoga pants, leggings, sundresses, tights, scarves, plus size apparel, athletic clothing, mini skirts, bathing suits, surf clothes, hooded sweatshirts, kimonos, complete skateboards and much more.  If you are a celebrity and/or royalty or not, we treat you like you are one. 

J'aime knows that there are many ways to say "Thank you" some are: saying kind words, doing acts of kindness, donating to a cause, and/or giving unique gifts to someone that you want to show appreciation to.  

Through our partnership with Books for Kids, we are using our brand as a way for women from all backgrounds and ages to wear their support for the education of children across the nation. For every item sold on our website, we donate $1 to Books For Kids. Also, all profits from the custom designs pictured below go directly to Books for Kids.


Some unique gift ideas are: 
Birthday Gift 
Baby Shower Gift
Wedding Gift
Get Well Soon Gift
Holiday Gift
Thinking of You Gift 
Just Because Gift
Just Saying I Love You Gift
Mental Health Gift 
Dog Gifts
Crazy Cat Gifts